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Richard Royal Cats Maine Coon, black tea Tin Caddy

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Richard Royal Cats Maine Coon, black tea Tin Caddy

Cats in the United Kingdom are officially on Her Majesty's Service. The fluffy employees are called upon to hunt mice at the Buckingham Palace, thus they are deserving considered to be royal animals.

A gentle giant among cats, the Maine Coon Cat is one of the oldest and largest natural breeds in North America—it holds the record as the world’s longest cat, with one especially majestic feline measuring four feet from tip to tail. But no matter how big—or old—this regal cat gets, Maine Coons stay as playful as kittens throughout their entire lives.

Collect all members of The Royal Cats family!

Funny and amusing gifts with the collectible design, our tea tins make the ideal personalised gift for him or for her – for any friend with this particular breed of dog or cat!

Ceylon black tea with strong rich taste and delicate aroma in pyramids and loose leaf.


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